Austin Taylor

19. California. Taurus.

I absolutely adore you. Ur posts are simply amazing. What is your nickname? Can we be friends there?

Thanks and no, thanks. 

There’s too much blood in my iced coffee veins. 
My desk:
Manila envelope, because I always have empty boxes and padded envelopes laying around due to the fact that eBay is probably 50% of my income- at the moment. 
My surprisingly-often-complimented Prada glasses, because I’m a basic bitch who spontaneously became blind as soon as I turned 17. 
A Rubik’s Cube, because I like to scramble it as much as possible then solve it as fast as I can while trying not to cheat or lose my mind.
A notebook, because I’m what’s often referred to as “sporadically creative,” so whenever I want to draw a cartoon, write a poem, or just scribble….
Macbook, because I’ve been reppin’ team Apple since I was in diapers.
BLACK iPhone, because I’m a serious mother fucker, not that bitch who wears Abercrombie on the lacrosse team who dates some bitch named Sally with a white iPhone that takes selfies at Starbucks and wears Uggs even when it’s 85 fucking degrees outside.

Thank you for following me I'm trying to start up my photography and I love your photos

Thank you so much. Your blog is great, I had to follow. Never let anything or anyone get in your way. Best of luck to you!

Mi amor


The morning will start with me starring at my alarm clock 45 minutes before it’s set to go off.

I will try to fall back asleep, hoping to cling onto the last of what I remember from my already fading dreams.

I will close my eyes and draw the details of her face onto the blank canvas in my mind, as is my tradition; as is my curse.

I will sigh deeply as I look again towards the clock, remembering that I eventually have to face the impending misery of actually having to get out of bed.

Just 10 more minutes…

I wish it could be forever. 

As I Lie Here (Edit)

As I lie here, alone and in the confinement of this cage for a room;

As I gaze upon names, yet to find one able to raise my heart from its tomb,

I only wish to find a friend. I long to find love that is strong and growing.

Awoken from a nightmare again, clothes still on, lights still glowing,

Head spinning, and in a cold sweat. My body gets so tired.

My mind never sleeps. Sitting in school, body stiff and mind wired.

The moon is my best friend, my counselor in the night, my angel.

You save me too. You save me from these demons. You make my mind stable.

Traumatized by the beauty of the stars and their spiritual constellations.

Stories shall be told of them just like stories shall be told about you and I.

We will be legendary. We will form like the sun, with a passion that shines.

Warm and soothing like steaming tea, majestic like the view from up high.

Be my fortuneteller. Be my wife. Be everything I need in life.

Let’s dance around camp fires with paint on our faces, leaves in our hair…

Being young and free will never be more of a mystery, these years are meant to share.

You’re violently beautiful. You’re a supernova. You’re a solar flare.

You glow darling; you’re like my personal sun.

Even when you’re far, I can still feel you, it’s like you and I actually are one.

…So brilliant. You’re resilient, and that will never resolve.

You’re my personal sun, and around you is where I revolve.

Exploratorium, SF. Tidal ranges.
Exploratorium, SF. Optical Illusion.
Exploratorium, SF. Mimosa Pudica.